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The future of work and learn-Post Covid


Uncertainty in education sector

With a Pessimistic approach, people had an opinion that by 2030 50% of jobs will go away by January of February. The grey reality is that human resources are being replaced by technology. Robots have replaced men workforce in various warehouses. The reason behind this isn’t cost-cutting but to bring efficiency to work.

Technology boon or bane

Things have changed. Booking a cab from a mobile app is a bit apprehensive for parents today. They prefer a known person to commute with, known shop or known product for self-satisfaction whereas today’s generation completely banks upon technology. Technology had made things within reach in just one click. In India now entertainment has also transformed. The shift from various channels of entertainment to Netflix.

Booking hotels online through reviews has given comfort and satisfaction to all of us.

Cricket is of paramount importance in our country. In that also there is a shift. From five days long to one day long and that has landed to 2020now. Now keeping in view today’s scenario the entire format may also change. The rate of transformation in the last 10 years was remarkable which can’t be seen in the last 30 years.

Six months ago each airline was competing with other airlines. But now the scenario has changed. Various business deals are materialized over Google meet, Zoom, Microsoft meet.

Google Map and YouTube are showing the apt use of machine learning, artificial intelligence. Skill development is leaving no stone unturned. Now people are learning how to repair Alexa.

Education today

When we talk about education we accept that formal education hasn’t changed since 100 years ago. The colors of chalk and board have changed but not the pedagogy. Students are awarded marks but they don’t know the area of improvement. So, there is a fundamental flaw. Technology is moving so fast but education isn’t able to cope with it. A candidate with B.Tech in India are drawing 12k to 15 k in non- metro cities whereas in metro city driver and maids are drawing the same salary. Lacking the results of the basic skills to lack of employability quotient. We need to gear up now. As technology is changing rapidly and we should be ready to embrace that change.

Tomorrow's learning will be digital

  • It is on-demand

  • It is easily connected (social, peer-recommended, global

  • It is personalized (experiential, fun and self-demand )

Education should be Mobile

  • It should be flexible

  • It should be modular

  • It can be acquired anytime and anywhere

  • Education has to be omnipresent, in demand, agile and linear.

  • Learning is open to all through edx platform which is the synonym of Education + any possibility


  • It’s a A joint venture of NIT and Harvard

  • 100+ courses on demand

  • Catering students of various age groups ranging from 7 years to 96 years.

  • Universities like : Georgia Tech, Berkeley, Boston University, Columbia University, Oxford, Galilio, etc

  • Making learning as per convenience.

Trends of Education

Modular Education: Technology makes education modular: Georgia Providing a master’s degree from a world-class university in just a reasonable amount keeping in mind students’ convenience. If students are running short of time and can’t join on campus then they can go for online courses and get free education at least 25% which in the future may be considered by the campus which is of high repute.

Omnichannel Education: It’s a multi-channel approach to L&D that seeks to provide the learner with a seamless learning experience whether the learner is learning online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone or in bricks and mortar office.

Lifelong Education: Online programs come to rescue when we can’t make an off from a job and go for learning full time. So working and learning online courses simultaneously makes students feel relaxed and focused.


In ONLINE LEARNING students’ attention span starts decreasing after 7minutes. So to make it more attention-grabbing Videos should be modular. Broken into small bytes. If a learner is watching for a long duration without discussion then the mind is attentive for a very short time. So, the Neuroscience Data (EEG) interpolated testing increases of focused attention: when a video is followed by discussion and interpolated testing it is with a positive outcome. edx has the most accessible platform. Any sort of disability and the entire platform is designed for the same.

Session By @ Amit Goyal - EdX, India

Written By @ Dr. Raavee Tripathi - Principal, Sumitra Modern School Sitapur

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