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Who We Are

Future School Leaders (FSL) is the brainchild of two young entrepreneurs who conceived the idea of Future School Leaders after spending a year visiting various holistic schools across India. During their visits, they realized that our current school system is based on memorization, fear and authoritative teaching. There was less of student participation and more of the race to finish the syllabus on time. Understanding the dynamics of existing India's school classroom environment, administration and teaching practices, they felt that time has come to bring about a radical and innovative change in the current Indian teaching systems, skills of the Principal/Teachers/management and in turn the life of students across schools in India. And thus, they gave birth to this organization i.e., Future School Leaders.


FSL is a holistic organization which takes pride in by enhancing, educating, empowering, evolving and encouraging our school leaders to their true potential to uplift the human spirit of the school’s teachers, the administrator (School Principal) and the students of the school.

      WHY WE DO     

We believe that the future of India does not lie in the hands of politicians, business leaders. It lies in the minds of the school leaders i.e., the Principal & the teachers. The lives of students, their goals and success, their behaviour, personality development etc. depends essentially on the School leaders. Yet nobody seems to understand, encourage or recognize the significance of the school Principal/teachers, who are able to guide, lead and transform the future of our country and its youth. Enhancing the thoughts, ideas and skills of school leaders becomes essential for shaping and tuning the student’s personality and career. FSL, therefore, works precisely in the same direction. We believe and focus on uplifting a School leader and hence nation as a whole.


We provide an incredible global opportunity to our School Leaders i.e., the Principal & the teachers by way of  organizing short term teaching-learning programs (minimum one week) at abroad,  wherein they will be offered to visit exceptional progressive and high standard schools around the world, and thereby enabling them to get introduced to creative international ideas on alternative and effective education system.

Digital Discovery

FSL uses the medium of Digital Connect (informative blog and video content) to connect our Members with the relevant information within the world of Alternative Education.

Being informed on a weekly basis will now give School Leaders an opportunity to stay relevant by being updated on a weekly basis on what's going on out there in the world of innovative, abstract and holistic education in schools across the world. 

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Let’s Connect

Phone Number: +91- 8585954227  


A22 Mansarovar Garden - 110015 New Delhi | India

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