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Dear Respected Educators,

Allow us to take this opportunity to introduce Future School Leaders (FSL) a small holistic and alternative startup company focused on transforming schools in India.

Our objective is simply to create a mind-shift change in the way the school Leaders (the Principal & Teachers) teach their students by enhancing their thinking ideas and teaching skills. Fear among the students must be replaced by fearlessness. Dictatorship of the school Leaders must make way for leadership. Empathy must erase jealousy.


Our core belief is that if we bring a change in School Leaders, India begins to transform. The future of India i.e., the students are sitting in classrooms across schools in our country. Infectious positive synergy between the students and Leaders can evoke a revolutionary change in the way we learn and the manner in which we are taught.


Memorizing chapters is a virus seeped deep into our veins of thought. Learning on the other hand needs compassion and care. Both these elements are in the hands of the School Leaders. Making the right choice of teaching skills adopted by School leaders will determine the future mindset of the student.

"Uplift a Leader and you lift up a Nation."

Rethink your school.

Educate. Empower. Enhance

Dear Respected School Leaders
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