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Planting seeds of entrepreneurship in schools


The difference between a student and an entrepreneur and how entrepreneur education helps more than the traditional education system. Here is a fact, students spend 5 billion hours in nonproductive activities
  • There are a student and an entrepreneur of the same age studying in the same class, they just finished doing schoolwork the student starts playing games on the phone and the entrepreneur is checking the stock market learning how it works and talking to clients in his free time.

  • Similarly, the student goes for a picnic where he learns to be responsible whereas the entrepreneur is attending a conference overcoming his stage fright by giving a talk.

  • A student goes for his tuition classes he learns theory and knowledge of books. On the other hand. the entrepreneur is hosting a team meeting.

  • A student on a weekend sleeps till noon but an entrepreneur on a Sunday is making his next revolutionary product which teaches him teamwork.

Why should students learn about entrepreneurship at an early stage?

Here are some benefits of starting early:

  • students have a free hand to take a risk as they have complete support from parents and they do not have to worry about the loss they will have flexibility and freedom

  • by becoming an entrepreneur at a young age, you learn to be independent and self-reliant.

  • entrepreneurs have full control of their schedule, there is an opportunity to expand their skills by experiencing and performing what goes in a startup. Self-directed learning is another positive effect

What do we need from our schools?

  • We need schools to have programs like startup weekend

  • we need the teachers to support the business that we do, we also need support from other successful entrepreneurs

  • schools should have incubation labs where students can design their products

  • Organizations helping entrepreneurs

  • Organizations that support startups and entrepreneurs in southern Orlando RIC center provides free mentoring and networking and entrepreneur training.

  • There are some organizations by the Indian government like startup India they support student entrepreneurs through the funding they also have incubation labs where you can design your own product


If the schools started supporting young entrepreneurs’ the number of young entrepreneurs in our country will increase, students no more have to be dependent on their parents for money and students will not waste their time on unnecessary stuff. As young entrepreneurs are particularly responsive to new economic opportunities and trends, they would be able to better adapt to the changing market. Planting seeds of entrepreneurship in schools can be done at a very early stage, an example in kindergarten they should have activities to put up lemonade stands which will teach them money management and communication skills at a very young age. Young entrepreneurs have more energy, creativity and enthusiasm, the youth is better at tolerating risk and also more resilient and unlikely to give up.

Session By @ Dhrumil Dhanesha - DD Technologies, India

Written By @ Kausar Jadwet - Home Schooling

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