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Future of the school


Every child counts” that is what it matters now at the present. We have to give real experiences to the children to face life than the routine blackboard teaching for wasting life. The education that is given to the children right now in our country does not possess the required skills needed for the 21st century. It depends on rote learning where only memorizing is important. We have become experts at creating book worms. Throughout the school life of the child, we spoon-feed in order to get good marks that do not have any value when it comes to leading a life in society. Life needs wisdom whereas school gives memory. The application is not taught to the children. To make the child lead a successful life in the 21st century we have to make them innovative by creating an environment where he/she can ask questions and get the solutions.

We have to allow them to make mistakes so that they learn from the mistakes but see that they do not repeat the mistake. These mistakes they do at an early age will help them to take chances in life later on. Otherwise, it so happens that children are not ready to face failures. That is why the suicide cases are increasing in teenagers because we as teachers or parents are not giving them chance to face life. At present students don’t need human teachers because all the answers related to the textbook they get from various sources like Google. So as teachers we first have to change ourselves, modify ourselves, and meet the needs of technologically modified children. We have to show them the right path. The span of schooling is the time where maximum brain development takes place. Children don’t come to school to learn English or Maths or Science, Social. This is the age where they want to explore to the core.

We as teachers should teach them the values which Google will not teach. The IQ should be replaced by EQ and CQ. Why this change is necessary? It is because we have to provide the children with the requirements which are necessary for various careers in the 21st century. We have to introduce the 4C’s in our curriculum which include Critical thinking, Collaborations, Creativity and Communication skills. These skills are important because the future careers will be based on social and emotional skills and technology cannot create emotions, thoughts or ideas in the minds of children. According to the research, children don’t learn through teachers. They are self-learners, they learn by experience, they learn by doing. So we teachers should become a moderator and allow them to bloom and flourish beautifully and enjoy their life skillfully.

Keeping these three points in mind we educators have to inculcate the 4c’s in our children. Critical thinking in children can be done by presenting them with the problems and allowing them to come up with various solutions. This activity will stimulate the child’s brain. Let’s allow the child to learn by doing using their five senses. The collaborative part can be dealt with allowing the children to play in the playground. It will teach them leadership skills, pursuing the goal, acceptance of losing, etc. Creativity, which is a unique quality comes from one’s own thoughts, ideas and imaginations.

It can be bought out by giving the child an opportunity to think out of the box. Every field has creativity. We have to provide the children with a scenario to imagine, to visualize to come out with their own creativity. Last but not least is the communication skill which is the need of the hour. This can be cultivated by motivating the students using ‘YOU CAN’. This makes a lot of difference as the child gets motivated and gains positive thoughts for facing the world challengingly.


I would like to tell, we educators are here to guide, motivate and encourage the students to face the challenges of the 21st century. We have to become role models through our act and our behavior. Let’s plant the seeds of knowledge and values and nurture the young minds to think, hands to create and hearts to love.

Session By @ Sachin Usha Vilas Joshi - Espalier School, Nashik

Written By @ Roopa Ashok Shetty - Principal, Akshara School of Excellence

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