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Human life is embedded with struggle but these trials and tribulations somewhat ease up when an individual attains his/her goal and secures a reputed position. Teaching is considered one of the highly respected vocations. A teacher is accountable for the social transformation of his/her students into a responsible citizen. But what if after being hired as a teacher and devoting his/her precious time and energy, he/she still feels dissatisfied with his/her profession. He/she realizes the challenging and competitive nature of teaching. It is a situation where an individual feels dispirited and stuck- in- between in his/her job. Then a moment arrives when he/she develops a pessimistic outlook on his/her profession and makes disparaging remarks about it. The consequence of this dissatisfaction leads to a constantly recurring strain and exhaustion. The displeasure experienced by a teacher propels him/her either to quit the job or become indifferent towards his/her professional obligations.

There are many causes for the discontentment of a teacher. Some are listed as follows:

  1. Some teachers are hired on a temporary basis and those teachers are paid inadequate remuneration for their hard work.

  2. The dilapidated infrastructure of the school is one of the reasons that add to the teacher’s detachment from their roles. Sometimes there are not enough classrooms in the schools and the teachers have to use their staff room as a teaching room that makes the schools very uninviting.

  3. Lack of job guarantee and rare promotions also play a key role in making the teachers feel discontented with their profession.

  4. The big class-size, poor discipline and lack of disregard by the students towards their teachers also result in the disengagement of teachers from their work commitments.

  5. The hostility among the colleagues and failure of the principal to conflate between a more hard-working teacher and a less one also discourages the teachers. Lack of acknowledgment for their perseverance by the administration as well as by the parents of the students disappoints the teachers.

  6. Some other factors such as gender difference, marital issues, an overload of work, conflict between the values exercised by an individual and the society and career prospects also rob the joy of teaching.


For the effective performance of the teachers, their opinions should be kept in mind and given priority too. It is needed that every school should organize teacher training programs every month which will help the teachers to enhance their teaching skills. The administration should co-operate with their working staff. There should be a friendly working environment and the teachers should be appreciated for their hard work in an award-giving ceremony. The teachers should be provided with financial incentives and job safety in order to encourage them to work more efficiently. The students should be taught the morals of respecting their teachers and following their orders obediently. The profession of a teacher should not be seen as merely a source of income by an individual. An individual who chooses teaching as his/her passion will be able to work much harder. Teachers should learn the idea of adapt and change that will help them overcome various problems in their working environment. An effective teacher will in return produce a student that will be an asset to society.

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